Quiet Samples


This is my first post, really, so first off I wanted to express my respect for the developers and all the good people who contribute to this forum. Renoise has completely changed the way I think about music, plus it sounds better than logic.

Anyway, I have a weird bug I think. Sometimes, when I load a sample it plays back really quiet. I have to delete it from the slot and reload it and then it sounds perfectly normal. Now I bet that I am probably hitting a key (renoise makes you a lot more keyboard stroke sensitive. I don’t think I have got there yet) or something. I check the mixer and everything is the right level. Thing is, it might be me, but the output scope for the track in question is jumping up and down in a way that suggests the sample is playing quite loud whereas in reality it aint.

Hope you can help.

By the way I’m running 1.9 on a iMac 24" 2.4ghz on Leopard 10.5.2 with a Presonus Firebox, in case there are known hardware issues!


can you save a song on which you are experiencing this and publish it somewhere or send it to it-alien@renoise? probably you have touched something in the parameters of the song?

Did you load the sample by drag and dropping it from the diskop browser?
And did you dragged the sample in slot 00?
If you drag and drop a sample and release it while hovering above slot 00, the sample is actually inserted into slot 01 and by default all keymappings are mapped to slot 00.
You have to drag and drop the sample actually a bit above slot 00 (that it looks like you drop it in the last instrument) and then it will be inserted into slot 00.

This is not a very obvious thing and maybe it is better if that behavior would change to make this procedure respond more intuitively but it is a mistake i made once.

Another thing is that when you drag and drop a load of samples into the sample-window, the first empty sample slot 00 becomes the last sampleslot… when you perform a “generate drumkit” operation, the last empty slot gets assigned to a key as well which may give you the impression that this operation does not work because the “last” key produces no sound.
This is also a thing i consider that would be better if this would be changed (not assigning empty samples to keymappings or just removing the slot)

Can any of the above situations be applicable in your case?

You know what, I think vV might have a point. I was dragging and dropping, but now I am just doubleclicking after "+"ing the slots I need in the sample window and I haven’t had the issue in a few hours. If it happens again, I will post the file and perhaps we can work it out.

Cheers to you both.

He was talking about the sample playing quietly, not being silent (unless I read it wrong).

This may be part of the way that Renoise drops the level of samples when you load them in. The reason was explained as being designed to stop clipping. The resolution of the app is so good that it doesnt cause any issues (I think that is what was said. Correct me if I am wrong).

So, sometimes your samples play quiet, then you reload them and they play back at the level you would expect?

Is this just with samples you load in (I dont think the manner in which you load them in should affect volume in any way), or does it also happen when rendering a passage to audio (if you havent tried that feature yet, let me know and I will show you how).

We could talk about this on our own, but it would be good to thrash it out here in case anyone else has any problems and can benefit from this thread.