Quit The Act

Hello guys!

I have a gig on december so I must finish some of my (thousands of) unfinished projects, crunch time!

Aaaaaand one done, still have like 50 minutes to fill for my set …

Let me know what you think / feel.


Thumbs firmly up.

The opening is an immediate attention-getter, and the balance between the background and the foreground is well maintained. The percussion is very well able to balance the (relative) simplicity of the top line and enforce the perceptible rhythmic implications of the melody. This is a tough balance to manage, but you did it well.

Also, I really like that it doesn’t stay in one place. This piece develops, but not jarringly so. Another balance well maintained.

Would I listen to it? Not normally - not my general style. But if I were at a gig and you showed up on stage playing stuff like this, I’d stick around.

And I wouldn’t throw rotten fruit.

Sounds fat and well compressed, the only point I would say is the low area bass. I my experience, often tracks sound better if you high pass on very low frequencies (cutoff low bass below 45hz). You can do this on master to keep the character of the compression (since low bass has most energy). Imo you really cannot listen to a track that has too much low bass, it will destroy your sense of hearing. After high pass, you maybe have to fix/rearrange the volumes of each instrument or also limit the frequency area of each instrument. Your sub bass still can live at 45 - 60 Hz. For me it helps listening to a track very muted using headphones, then you will hear frequency areas that have to much energy.

Thank you for your comments (especially if this is not your kind of music), they really are encouraging !

I must admit the mastering in general is one of my weakness, but thanks to Renoisers, I can experiment and test different settings.

Thank you for your suggestions regarding this domain :slight_smile:

Powerful stuff. Sound tells that it will set at everybody who won’t chill to this bit. This is justified by a little bit dramatic part in the middle of the track. Making sense of all of it, the revelry starts accompanied by fast and furious break. Great work.

Wish you good luck on the gig :yeah: :drummer: :guitar: :panic:

hey man, i loved this :yeah:

Yeah, looking forward for some new sh** from you :slight_smile: