Quneo + Duplex

I just got mine today, and I am very excited to see how the two will get along. I’m sure this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

The device looks like fun to use and useful for sure. But the color choice of the leds is just… Unfortunate. Looks like a web design from 90ies. Have to pass. :(

I just got mine as well. Having a fun time playing instrument on it. Going to mess with duplex later tonight.

About the LED’s, I totally hear you on that. I realized they must have done it because eq’s have similar colors but it’s kind of lame.

Launchpad has also the same colours, except they don’t blend together which makes it look much prettier.

Got my tracking number the other day so hopefully it will be with me before too long :)

I took decibillionaire’s layout and modified it a bit. Looks like this now:


Simply download the attached file and extract it into the duplex /controllers folder.
The configuration contains a single mapping: “start playback” is mapped to the top left button

EDIT: Attachment removed, go to this location for the latest beta

This thread then some research has seriously got me thinking about getting one of these.

4 controls per pad, so 64 pad buttons without 64 tiny buttons to aim at seems like nice design! Now duplex support, I may have to save up some pennies!
Think I can just about live with the colours, maybe quneo 2 will look prettier!

Well, that’s a bit premature. Let’s just say that QuNeo support in Duplex is “pending” :D
I just brushed off the controller layout to make it easier as a hardware owner to dive in and get started.

There might be nuances with regard to LED feedback, how color is set etc. that still need to be worked out.

Ah well you`ve got a bit of time before I raid my piggy bank for this one ;) :D

danoise, thank you I’ll take a look.

So far I’m digging the controller. I feel like I need to boost the sensitivity of the pads because I have to hit them hard to get a high velocity. I ended up just turning off velocity recording. I also tried playing instruments with the pads which is kind of interesting when hitting chords. I imagine it would be even more interesting if I had notes triggered at 8x8 instead of 4x4 right now.

One of the recent updates stated they’ve just released velocity curves for the pads to try and emulate other devices much as MPCs or the Maschine. Have you tried playing with those?

I haven’t tested these yet but from my brief viewing of the editor I saw that it was really easy to adjust. I wish I had more time to play with it over this weekend.

Here’s an idea : a while back, I made the XYPad (a Duplex application designed to take control of the native XYPad device). You can read about it here

So … how about “XY Pad + glide” - an extended XY pad which respond to higher pressure by moving faster towards the point being pressed - or slower, if less pressure is applied

Slow movements are normally quite hard to pull off on an XY pad, so it would seem uniquely suited to the QuNeo (but useful with other hardware as well, control the time factor using e.g. a fader)


So I’ve been meddling with my Quneo and duplex. I am a total newcomer to duplex so it’s slow going.

I’ve modified the other controller setup posted earlier to get some things working, but I cannot get the mixer paging thing working. I’ve set it up (I thought) as in other controllers like the Kontrol 49, but in mine I can only page back, from say channels 5-8 to 1-4 and not forward, from 1-4 to 5-8.

Can anyone help me with this. You don’t need a quneo to have a go, just load it up in duplex and it should behave as described.


Cool. It’s looking good for the most part

Under “Applications/Mixer”, try to specify the button orientation like this?

page = {  
 group_name = "VerticalArrows1",  
 orientation = VERTICAL -- default is horizontal  

My QuNeo is sat in the (not so) local postal sorting office. I have a free day on Wednesday so am going to collect it then, after uploading the vote pack for the final Dead Dog Renoise comp. After that hopefully I can find the time to do some testing and make suggestions for improvements if necessary :)

@danoise Yes! That fixed it, thanks a lot.

I’ve actually started creating a tool, as much for some practice and learning, but also because I was inspired by the pKing tool under development by mxb. That was essentially the end goal I had in sight so I am in effect hacking sections of that and sevenscientists MPE together to make something that suits my needs. I’ll share it if it ever gets to a useful stage.

The only button you can’t actually map to anything ;)

Is there a blank button template image anywhere? Wanting to work out how I want to configure mine and if I could scribble on one and upload it would be good for discussion on the matter…

Not thinking so much Duplex at the moment (in large part because I haven’t use it for anything yet) but have started having a little play with standard MIDI.

Top 8 pads I have set to use XYZ, all feeding an input of a Hydra so I can route where I want.

Then the bottom 8 pads so far I have track mute (originally tried for Group track mute and realised that the mapping would end up on the wrong tracks if I inserted any into the song, so I’ve ended up using 8 Sends for all the controlled stuff. As Hydras can be routed to control backwards through the chain this isn’t a problem, although it’s not as neat on the screen.)

For another row of 8 buttons (pad corners) I have just scripted a little code piece to remove all automation from the last two patterns in a song (assuming usage with a tool similar to Grid Pie obviously) in the eight Send tracks I am using.

Haven’t really managed to think beyond that yet…

How have other people got on so far? Maybe this should be in the general QuNeo thread, not the Duplex+ one. ;)

Oh :lol:

In any case, since I made that layout I downloaded the QuNeo driver/editor package (a whopping 120mb!!) to get a little more intimate with the controller.
The QuNeo seems to be pretty flexible, as you are able to let it control the LEDs by itself, or specify them manually. That’s pretty cool.

The QuNeo package comes with a large amount of DAW templates, but no Renoise one AFAIK. I’m thinking that, Duplex or not, it would be obvious to discuss such a standard here.
If people settle on a particular template (or rather, a set of templates), I’d then be happy to create a corresponding Duplex map for plug-n-play action. Considering getting a unit myself, actually.

Cool stuff. I’ve also created a different type of layout, as the one with the XYPads are actually a bit too simplistic for the QuNeo:

The idea is to squeeze every bit of information from the topmost pads (trigger, pressure, x/y), with the lower ones acting as quadruple triggers.
In Duplex, the topmost pads could then easily act as an 8-track mixer (volume being Y and panning being X), and the lower part could run the Keyboard application.

I guess I would leave the rest unassigned (messages would be forwarded to Renoise for standard midi mapping)
But I’m not entirely sure how ergonomic the lower part is - how easy it would be to trigger notes in those corners.

it’s used for switching Presets and entering CUDO mode (to make it easy to MIDI map to software, such as Renoise (and Ableton Live), where you can’t manually enter CC values.)

Very flexible yes. Unfortunately the Local or Remote control of the LEDs may not be quite how you expect. Local control flashes them as they are pressed, and unless turned off also overrides the Remote mode for the duration you are doing something with that sensor. There has been some discussion on their forum (which I admit I’ve only spent a few minutes browsing so far) about how the way the pads work is quite a restriction, due to there being two modes and thus two channels that might be used, rather than using the channel they are set to. But LED feedback (or whatever the correct term would be) is definitely one huge reason to move towards a tool over native MIDI mappings!

I actually meant as in an image. Sure it wouldn’t be too hard to remove all the text and highlighting from an existing one from the manual but it would be nice for sharing ideas if there was a blank on to work to. In fact many companies produce something similar in life-size and you can then print out on a A4 sticker and cut to have labelling on your controller. These templates make perfect images for working out ideas on too!

So far I’ve butchered Preset16 and doubt I have followed any kind of pattern anybody else is likely too! ;)

Yeah that’s along the lines of what I’m doing :) Looking at the default Ableton Preset would using 6 track controls and then having a 2x8 column down the right hand side be more the kind of layout people would like? Personally I was thinking of switching between two Presets as needed, one this multiple purpose/effects/mangle/control one and the other more standard grid controller…

Personally I’ve left Note off from the full pads, so they’re XYZ rather than XYZ+Trigger. Also they have a return value for when releasing. Obviously pressure always goes to zero. Currently you can set the release value for X&Y in the editor software. If suggested they likely would make the Snap Value optional (stay wherever you release the finger) but I don’t believe it currently is.

Only had a very quick play a couple of nights ago, plus I’ve never used a traditional grid controller to compare it to, but it didn’t seem too bad. Plus you can set sensitivity of all pads as desired and there is edge isolation settings too, to help prevent triggers more than one by accident.