Quneo + Duplex

So0rry, for the initial paragraph, which you have responded to vV, I meant specifically within Duplex. I know there are lots of ways it could be done yourself within the API (although I am yet to do anything that actually uses a CC value myself) such as comparing against previously received number to know if it went up or down and then repeated 0s or 127s being treated the same as a decrement/increment (as long as the digital knob continues to send out min/max value on turning once it meets the end of the range.)

Although I do have to again admit I am hardly even a Duplex initiate and I am assuming Urbster1 was referring to control from within Duplex and not native when he was talking about the issues he had…

I went ahead with support for relative dials in Duplex,
it’s very beta and experimental so any feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:

(download: see this post for a more recent version)

The feature is simple to use - apart from figuring out how to set up your controller (can’t help you there),
you need to add a “mode” attribute to a control-map parameter:

mode=“rel_7_signed” - Increase at [065 - 127], decrease at [001 - 063].
mode=“rel_7_signed2” - Increase at [001 - 063], decrease at [065 - 127].
mode=“rel_7_offset” - Increase at [065 - 127], decrease at [063 - 000].
mode=“rel_7_twos_comp” - Increase at [001 - 64], decrease at [127 - 065].

I’ve used the “rel_7_signed2” mode on my Remote SLMKII, seems to work flawlessly, but other devices/modes are untested.
Note also that this feature is only effective with 7bit MIDI controllers, so far.

@urbster1: So, perhaps one of these four modes will work for the QuNeo?

Check out the new QuNeo preset, btw. The only difference from the previous one is that I’ve enabled local LED feedback for the pads

@danoise, thanks, where should I find the new Quneo preset? I thought it was in the new version of Duplex but I may be missing it. I will have a go with it tonight.

Yes, the preset is located in the download itself - inside the /Controllers/QuNeo folder.

A bit puzzled about the way that pads seems to display stuff, but a simple MIDI dump to the console might reveal what is going on.
The same goes for the rotaries, there is no guarantee that the QuNeo is in fact using one of the four modes I’ve prepared ;)

This is Preset 10, which has the Rotaries as Relative and doesn’t have any Pressure or Note associated. Direction is CC6.

So a 1 for clockwise and a 7F for anticlockwise motion. (Seems reverse logic to me but at least it makes sense.

I got confused looking at the one with Note and Pressure on Preset1. Turns out the Note number was the same as the CC used for direction so I thought the Note Off was a zero value send to CC4 at first but it seems the same.

Cool, that sounds like “rel_7_twos_comp”. My modifications would most likely work then…
Here’s a new version - if you haven’t already done so, load the QuNeo preset before you start Duplex

EDIT: Attachment removed, go to this location for the latest beta

Almost there … soon, we can come up with some interesting device-configs B)

Something up with the latest file. Doesn’t give the option to drop it onto Renoise.

Re-zipped it and it worked. Maybe you accidentally hit wrong compression type? Dinner’s ready now though :)

Great, and those pads - are they working too?

Ah, yes I propable rar’ed instead of zipping … all good now.

Hey, it seems I was busier than I was expecting-- I finally downloaded the latest Duplex beta posted Oct 31 and made sure to overwrite the old preset. The pads respond just fine with LEDs but when I press them, nothing happens. Before, they would mute/unmute patterns in the matrix. It seems the rotary dials navigate patterns but it’s nearly impossible to tell where I am given that the pads won’t respond when pressed. The Duplex tooltip says “Press to toggle muted state, hold to focus this track/pattern” which works fine using the mouse, but the pads should be sending MIDI data to Duplex, and I am not sure why they stopped working. :(

If I’m not mistaken, I re-enabled local LED feedback in that preset. You are sure that the LEDs does in fact respond to what is happening in Renoise -
for example, try to mute or unmute some matrix slots to see if the controller will reflect this change?

I would suggest that you map the dials to something more basic. Try to replace the device configuration with this -
it will replace the first dial (controlling the pattern-sequence) with one that will be able to control any Hydra device
(but you will need to add / bring focus to a hydra device before it does anything!!)

Click to view contents

– Duplex.QuNeo

– test of the QuNeo control-map

duplex_configurations:insert {

– configuration properties
name = “QuNeo”,
pinned = true,

– device properties
device = {
class_name = “QuNeo”,
display_name = “QuNeo”,
device_port_in = “none”,
device_port_out = “none”,
control_map = “Controllers/QuNeo/Controlmaps/QuNeo_default.xml”,
thumbnail = “Controllers/QuNeo/quneo.bmp”,
applications = {
Mixer = {
mappings = {
levels = {
group_name = “VerticalFaders”,
panning = {
group_name = “HorizontalFaders”,
mute = {
group_name = “HorizontalArrowsLeft”
solo = {
group_name = “HorizontalArrowsRight”
master = {
group_name = “CentralFader”
options = {
pre_post = 2
Hydra = {
mappings = {
input_slider = {
group_name = “Encoders”,
index = 1,
Matrix = {
mappings = {
matrix = {
group_name = “Grid”,
–sequence = {
– group_name = “Encoders”,
– index = 1,
track = {
group_name = “Encoders”,
index = 2,
Transport = {
mappings = {
start_playback = {
group_name = “Transport”,
index = 3,
stop_playback = {
group_name = “Transport”,
index = 2,
edit_mode = {
group_name = “Transport”,
index = 1,
block_loop = {
group_name = “AnythingButton”,
index = 1,
PatternSequence = {
mappings = {
display_next = {
group_name = “VerticalArrows1”,
index = 2,
display_previous = {
group_name = “VerticalArrows1”,
index = 1,

One way to investigate this would be to enable the MIDI dump feature from the Duplex tool menu, and then copy-paste the information here.
Kazakore has already been so kind as to share the information about sliders, but what exactly happens when a pad is pressed is still unknown.

there is a video and zip download of an Ableton configuration, with two presets, that may suggest some use cases…

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looking around i saw a video from kmi “ableton under pressure”

the download of an example liveset they are using is at

the vst included in the zip to make meters doesn’t seem to like windows live 8.3.4 or the 64 bit beta, but the set still works and there are examples of strategies to be studied.

probably made on mac

New QuNeo software released.

That was actually a lie; at the time it was only an announcement of features. It has now actually been released ;)

Seems there are some changes to the way the LEDs are lit from external MIDI (IE from Renoise/Duplex) so there might be some minor modifications needed.

Sorry, my hard drive died so my rig was out of commission for a couple months. Needless to say everything’s fine, I have decided to pay my friend and keep this Quneo. Unfortunately I updated it to the latest firmware and it seems to have lost communication with Duplex, so perhaps the preset has changed or something else is amiss. I will take a peek around and see if I can figure out what is going wrong and report back if I fix it. If so, I wanted to post a video of what was and was not working from before so we can hopefully get those issues ironed out.

Sure, IMO the Duplex solution has been pretty half-baked anyway. Would be nice to apply a bit more polish to it :slight_smile:

Ok, I updated the preset and it is working again. I also checked “Pass unhandled MIDI messages to Renoise” and now the pads are working to control the matrix like they should. The sliders also work. So other than the confusing rotary dials it looks like it’s functional!

Any chance of being able to control Duplex LEDs with Echoloop VST looper? I have no idea how to do this, but here are the MIDI commands that Echoloop can send:

MIDI commands are sent out to control LEDs or whatever kind of displays outside of the computer screen, be it lamps for other members of the band or elements on a tablet (see TouchOSC file included!)…  
Note: current plans are to make this function switch-able by a parameter. May be implemented by the time you read this.  
the output is defined by the new fields ChanOut and CntlOut in the MIDI param page  
default is Chan 1 and CntlOut 24 (matches the TouchOSC file):  
first the timing LEDs:  
CC 24 Loop flash  
CC 25 Cycle flash  
CC 26 Subcycle flash  
CC 27 Sync In  
CC 28 AutoUndo  
CC 29 Quant (ooo)  
then the button LEDs:  
CC 30 Record green  
CC 31 Record yellow  
CC 32 Record red  
CC 33 Overdub green  
CC 34 Overdub yellow  
CC 35 Overdub red  
... the usual keys...  
CC 48 Next green  
CC 49 Next yellow  
CC 50 Next red  
CC 51 Reverse green  
CC 52 Reverse yellow  
CC 53 Reverse red  
then the menu values:  
CC 54 SyncMode  
CC 55 QuantMode  
CC 56 SwitchQuant  
CC 57 SamplerStyle  
CC 58 CopyMode  
CC 59 InsertMode  
then, below the default CC:   
CC 23 actual state, the value means:  
those create a constant MIDI traffic:  
CC 22 Input VU level  
CC 21 Loop VU level  
CC 20 GrowBar (where we are in the loop)  
those create commands when loop length changes:  
CC 19 Multiples  
CC 18 Multiply  

You mean, through the Quneo?
Duplex doesn’t really seem to play a part in this, as the VST seem to send outgoing messages only
I’m assuming this, as the description talks about lamps, which are hardly the thing you normally control a plugin with :D/>

I guess it’s a matter of using the Quneo editor to have the unit respond to those messages somehow?

I was curious if there might be a way to form a Duplex tool that will receive the CC messages from Echoloop and transmit them to Quneo using the method you’ve specified in the Duplex configuration. It’s unfortunately something I am unclear on how to accomplish.

See this thread, basically a middle-man app is needed in order to make these MIDI signals useful: http://forum.keithmc…php?f=50&t=1149