Qwerty Remap

ability to remap qwerty synth keys (via xml?)

like instead of z,s,x,d,c being c, c#, d, d#, e

remapped to whatever you want, for example

key note
z -> c
x -> d
c -> f
v -> g
b -> a

i think this would be really useful if you wanted to make a song and you wanted to impose a mode (like dorian, etc.) on it without having to play the keyboard like a piano. you could make the bottom row dorian and the top lydian or something.

it would also be useful for example if you wanted to make the qwerty input more like a violin or cello or sax fingering.

i like this idea.

It seems a bit out there, but it fits in with the paradigm of remapping everything to fit one’s style.

It might be convenient for all those wacky Dvorak users, too.

yea, all two of them. :)

And then old IT users can reclaim the “.” button for “clear note”,
and “8” button for “play row”. :D