Rack (Plugin Visualisation)

I don’t know if this was suggested already, and it’s definitely not “must have” thing, but I believe it would be usefull thing to have -

similar to mixer view, it would be nice, if you could have a window in which you would have shown all track dsps, scrolling up/down, something similar
you have in reason, or in guitar rig and similar plugins, if renoise supported multiple screens this would be just great. you could just quickly scroll
through the track and adjust any parameter of the vst in a track, it could be separate window alltogether or it could share the space with the mixer, similarly
like the arranger does just from the right side of it.

and about the multiple screens if it’s not implemented yet, this would be great thing to have, i would love to have one screen dedicated to writing of the song
classic tracker view, and the other screen for mixer, vsts etc