Radias Experiment

What I did here was the following:

Sampling 4 tracks in Renoise, Yamaha CS1X was triggered by Karma of M3. And I used a wireless keyboard placed on left of M3 to play also some Superwave P8 chords.
When playing M3 in a Special Mode, CS1X triggered also VSTs sounds in renoise in a special manner.
So Renoise does the rest to add FX and so on.

SO great effects at hand.

This was just live fiddling.

Maybe one likes the results.

Here it is. Enjoy:

EDIT: just noticed it’s marked as private at the moment, don’t know how to remove private state…hmmm…

And another one, using a new mastering technique, what do you think about the sound (not the song, it’s also only random live playing):

now it should work:

No opinions at all!?

What’s making the bass sound? It sounds great!

In both “masterpieces” (lol)

Yamaha CS1X did this.

i like the first 30s after that it lacks “oommph” :)

me too. :slight_smile: you are right