Radio Message Samples

the topic already has it.
anybody knows a page where one can download samples of radio messages / radiograms?

I think you can get some pretty weird/interesting old broadcasts from

Not totally sure though.

What kinda stuff do you need exactly ?

i’m not looking for something in particular.
it’s just that i’m after the typical atmosphere and mood radio broadcast messages emit.
the only demand i have on these samples is, that they have to contain some sort of coherent dialogue or monologue.
means, i have no use for single words, test broadcasts (like "one, two, three, testing… " or whatever) or just radio frequency modulation junk ;)
something in the sort of the well-known apollo11 crew messages sent by the astronauts when landing on the moon, would be splendid.

concerning your link: can’t find anything appropriate there… :blink:

then i’m looking for sources of “any kind of vocals i like”.

seriously, i don’t have a lot (none, actually) of vocals (non-sung) sitting on my HD. so post-processing is no alternative and besides that, it doesn’t create the true flavour of radio messages… it’s close, but just not the real thing.

after spending some more time on, i’ve found some really nice stuff.
thanks for linking!