Radio Renoise Music ?


I would like to know if one radio exists on the net about renoise musics ? I love listening mods musics on the radio. Please could you say me where I can find this ?

Thank you for your help.

Greetings !


Hey, I plan to build something like that for the french renoise scene.
Check it here.
Read the thread about the RRF, Radio Renoise France.
People that want to be played must submit their songs.
Those songs receive a complete exposure on all pages of the new portal site.
I guess you awaited it for a long time.

There had been quite some casts on remixta…

Don’t know about aired radio though.

Heya Kurtz,

I’d love to be played but I am not able to read or write french at all. Despite my very short tracks (<2 minutes), I would highly appreciate to be included in the radio: (if it pleases, use my most recent song, number 06-04).

Moxon // redirect

hi Moxon, the radio is designed to play tracked music produced by’s registered users, (that are people from the french tracking scene), the music must be submitted HERE in .xrns file format , this .xrns must include some some french internal comments allowing to store and stream your music from our servers. The only thing that is unallowed is to write in’s forum in english for example. Saying that : you can try to express yourself in our new community, using the google translate tool, that can help.

Regulars on IRC often do live- or DJ sets on Suva’s server. Things usually get down on friday or saturday evenings. Join #Renoise on Espernet, have a little chat, and enjoy fresh music by fellow Renoise musicians! :)

What? I’m a musician? Whoa… TIL :D

renoise radio station?

ehm guys … what exact music are you going to play? … any tracks you know have been produced with renoise, yes?