Ragga Samples

So I’ve cut up the Saxon vs Addies Bermuda soundclash and extracted most of the good vocal toasting samples from it, laods of ‘murder dem’, and ‘bludclot tune’ type shouts and a live toast of Mad Cobra’s RIP, also the toast of Mash Dem Down (the 178bpm version was stretched in Ableton) as popularized by Rude and Deadly, and a few other little bits and pieces.

Original file was a 192mp3 but I couldn’t find anything better, should be fine for vocal samples going over jungle and ting. It’s not perfectly cut up because it was a pretty boring labour intensive job and I couldn’t be arsed making them seamless but the jist is there.

Feel free to post the link in other places if it’s been of use to you or you think it will be of use to others.


Also, I cut it up using Reaper and could post the stems from that if people want to play with more of the sound.


Nice… Thanks there mate… got a good collection myself as a ragga enthusisit but as one you can always use more right? ahah! Got a big up for dem ragga choons!!

thanks, did not have anything in this area and have no real idea what i’ll do with them exactly, probably make them sing so you won’t recognize it as ragga anymore, because that’s my fancy. thanks again!

Thnx for cutting these up sedate!

I was doing it for myself anyway, thought I may as well share the love.

Is there any chance of a re-up? Mediafire has removed the archive…

yes, a re-up, would be nice!

Re-up please :)