Raise / Lower Automation Envelope

Imagine you have created a nice and complex (well, curvy) Automation envelope with 30 or so different points. A volume envelope, let’s say. Now if you want to increase or decrease the volume by 20%, what will you do, move every one of the 30 points up or down by hand? Nawww… that’s bad!

IMHO the Automation window needs two little arrows, “up” and “down”. If you left-click on the Up arrow, the envelope (i.e. each point) is raised by 1%, and if you click Down, it is lowered by 1%. Alternatively, if you right-click either of the buttons, the envelope could be moved 10%.

What do you think?

sounds like a useful feature to me.
i also imagine it’s not so hard to implement either…

Indeed, I will do this in a later version when the envelope editor is improved.

in the meantime, you could use a gainer as a workaround for volume, a stereo expander as a workaround for pan, and a send track for everything else