Ram And Cpu

When working with a lot of softsynths the cpu level often is close to 100%, this is where my machine starts to make glitch on its own

Since ram is pretty cheap I think I might put 2 gb in my pc, right now 1,5 gb, would this have any effect on the cpu usage, and the amount of softsynths an plugs I can run


before buying, you should check if RAM is really the problem.

first of all, check the task manager to see if RAM is fully used when you are running into problems with your song. I doubt so, but in case it is, then buying some more would surely help.

RAM is more important when you are using softsamplers, while for softsynths is much more important to have a fast CPU, though fast RAM is also important.

order of importance for softsynths (most important first):

  • CPU speed
  • RAM speed
  • RAM size
  • HDD speed

It’s not the size of your ram that matters… It’s how you use your address space!


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It’s how you use your address space ?

i would like to ask about quad core cpu
does renoise works normaly with 4 “data streaming” lines?

He was joking ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Address_space ), a nice joke too :)

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