Ram Methyl Jam - Methylone Rising

Here’s something new made with a friend:


Feedback is appreciated. =)

When I saw “hard house” I got a bit worried, because I actually can’t stand most of the typical tracks released in this genre. Your tune was definitely a big improvement over what I was expecting to hear though, hehe. Still not quite my personal cup of tea, but there are some interesting and quite psychedelic sounds in there, and overall it has quite a fun feeling to it. There were even a few moments in there which I thought would make a good foundation for some new tracks, perhaps some more laid back housey stuff.

Anyway, fun stuff, and I am actually laughing because I know exactly what the track title is referring to, haha. :P :yeah: B)

Yeah, You’ll know what the term “explosion” means when you do it… =)

Yep. I’m already very familiar with it. :dribble: