Rammstein's Bück Dich, Brechkern'ed

Been wanting to remix this track for years and only
recently had the balls to make an attempt …

So uhm … how much of a blasphemy is this … ?


Feedback is welcome …!
Thanks in advance :)

Violent. You make some of the most impressively violent music I’ve ever heard. I have to go and get more of your tracks because I’ve liked everything so far. Just pure rage!

I’d love to sing on one of your tracks BtoB. If you’ve got any unfinished demos you wanna submit for a collaborative rage project I’m up for it. I could really belt out some psycho mike patton style somthing or others about all the wrong things in the world atm.

btw, I saw you put Vucanella Self Destruct as the intro song to a compilation you did over at ctg. Much appreciation!

We like. Simply. :D

Thanks man!! And… wow…!!

Dude, it sounds like a darn swell plan to put our heads together.
Sure I’ve got some stuff laying around but maybe we can put
something together from the start … ? Sharing anger could double
the effect, don’t you think ;)

I’ve always had much appreciation for your work hence that mix
started off like it did! Looking forward to a coop!!!

Excellent. We shall make much evil.

I’ll PM you my addy…