Random Album Cover

I’m having fun so far :)

Whee :D

this is dumb

I don’t like randomness as much as randomness likes me :lol:

I know this thread is ancient old, but I like the way randomness treats me.

wow, nice one!

made a bunch a few months ago, here’s most of them:

I was just watching them on your wordpress. Some very nice ones on there.
I have been having fun with this game on that other forum [/blush] for some time, here is what I did get so far, some of them really are a provocation of synchronicity:

How comes when I try to add a new reply with 3 more pics, they are added to this reply which has the image limit of 10?

oohh awesome… !

shhht it’s a secret hax :D

ooo :rolleyes:


Amazing :o

this IS fun! :lol:
those are nice too:

and this is the first renoise album using duplex? ;)