Random Lfo Triggers Slightly Early With Reset Command

This is a small thing, but I noticed a strange behavior of the random LFO. It seems that the random LFO is supposed to trigger 8 times within a set frequency range. However, if you put an LFO reset command right when the LFO loops, the LFO will end up triggering twice in quick succession.

To see what I mean:

  1. Make a random LFO with freq 8LPC
  2. Put an LFO reset command at the top of a pattern of length 8
  3. Play. If you look closely, you will notice that when the pattern loops the LFO will often rapidly trigger twice in a row. If you slow down to 32BPM and 4LPB, it’s easier to see.

Is this intended behavior?

3561 LFO and TPL.xrns

in the attached example, I have recreated your scenario, but made more patterns, in each of which I have set the number of ticks per line to a different value, increasing by each pattern.

by looking at the LFO behaviour, you can see that the number of ticks per line affects the number of LFO values changes.

since it is a random LFO, it is not guaranteed that the value change will happen at the first tick of a line; by resetting the LFO at the first line of the pattern, instead, you force the value to change at the first tick of the first line.

that’s why some of the changes seem to happen abruptly.

Ahh, that enlightens me. Thanks for the explanation! I wonder why the Random LFO depends on TPL but the other waveforms don’t? I suppose it allows to you randomize faster than 1 lpc.