Random trigger of a group of notes


When writing drum parts, i’m looking at a way to group certain hits together, and then use the maYbe command to trigger the group.

This would be good to randomly trigger say a fast 32nd note run as a group - rather than randomly triggering each 32nd slice which is what happens using the maYbe command on each hit.

Is there a way to do this? Would be good to have the basic pattern stay the same then have randomly triggered fills.



Yep, using phrases you can pull this off.

The idea with maYbe is that any note can be given a certain chance of being triggered or not.

And, since phrases can be triggered with a single note … well, you probably got the idea by now :slight_smile:

Tip: unless you want your variations to play on top or each other, or sometimes not at all, it’s important to use maYbe in mutually exclusive mode (Y00) - as this will pick just one of the available notes each time.

Thanks! will give this a try