Ransom - We Got Sonic

Just released a fresh house banger asRansom@Disco Kickssublabel Discount Kicks! The track is free, so grab, like, share and support.


Great track! This banger has a lot of variation, but keeps it strictly on groove. The final mix may be a little rich on bottom low, I personally like a little less, still the mix is on-point and makes this groovy tune pleasant to listen to. The housey 80’s/90’s orchestra hit in the middle is really topping this great track. Keep up!

Oh, thanks =) Was a tough work to do it in Renoise.

You’re a master of house music, but if you want criticism:



and other parts had weird filter res fx, sounded like a cassette about to be chewed up if you remember audio cassettes. Even a better filter would have subtracted from the glory of the riff imo.

3:16 = nice easter egg.

lol, thanks for such a comment. related to resonance, there was samples ripped from old amiga protracker modules, so it was a quite complicated task to smooth them out (i’ve used default Filter device which known for its low quality), also that rubberband stretch algo wasnt of much pleasure to work with with its artifacts and stuff.

at 3:16 for sure its a classic rave trick :wink:

but no one yet disclosed another nice easter egg in a main vocal sample :wink: