Me and a dude at a norwegian rap-site are “dissing” each other, and this is my diss against him.


Thanks to DBlue for the Glitch, used it alot in the intro and outro :)

It rocks!

nice nice :)

  • intro is to long
  • refrain could be improofed

but good rapskills !

Nicely done.

Didn’t understand a word of it though. :)

hey not bad :)

my own taste would be like to add some fat synthetic basses or effects somewhere tough :)

Cool really nice!

It’s ‘chorous’, actually! Typical norwegian slip, I do it all the time, hehe… Just thought you’d like to know. ;)

Haven’t heard the tune yet, but look forward to it!

Horrid, disguisting lyrics, but nice production and rapping.
Make it more family-oriented, and you’re the next big thing out of Norway. :D

can I get an english translation?

actually, better yet - a video clip with captions

Hey Thanks for all the comments!

The other guy haven’t replied yet, will give you a link to his contribution when he does though… He has won the other two times we’ve battled so I really really REALLY hope i’ll win this time!!!

About the Chorus, yeah, should probably make it fit better…

And the beat is a bit “thin”, it needs more instruments, i’ve tried to add this and that, but nothing seems to fit, so i kinda just stuck with how it sounds now…

Thanks again!

PS: The text is actually pretty braindead, but it rhymes so who cares :walkman:

Hehe, it took me some replays to understand most of what you were rapping about (as my native languages are swedish/danish) but nevertheless interesting to hear. Didn’t like the sound of the modulated/fx’ed voice but the rest sounded nice. A heavier bassdrum/stronger mixed might give the track more punch, if that’s what you´re after. I didn’t really catch any “chorus”, it was more like an intro - verse - outro for me.

hey dufey, i made a remix (sortof) to show you what i meant :)


it was pretty fun to sync to ur song :P

anyway hope u’ll like it and that it’ll give you some ideas.

:dribble: AWESOME!

Yeah I sure got some ideas now, sounded alot better when you filled it out more… Damn.

Although I’m not so sure about the trance-elements, if I put that in, I’d probably be banned from the Hip-Hop site <_<

But the bass you put in, the buzz-bass, was really cool, and the ideas were very nice, they just need a different instrument to represent them!

Will check into this, thanks :)

i’m an electronic guy ;)

so how is this going ? if it’s going anywhere :)

nice nice for shure

great mix , rad quality!!


and no i dont speak the language so dunno wat u saying :P

cheers brush!

very nice sound here, great recording quality, excellent drum programming. i like the intermittent sound effects.

i do wish i knew what you were saying though! it’s very mysterious, you could be talking about ancient rituals, or perhaps modern machinery? or you could just be talking about how you took a big shit last week? i have no idea :D

dufey: Yeah, who won?

dunno yet, the guy JUST replied after waiting one and a half month, and one dude (who knows the guy i battled) has, of course, voted for him.

So, you know, it’s a dirty thing.

Anyway, here’s his reply