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hi everyone i bought renoise about a month ago, before that i used reason and cool edit. since buying renoise i think my music has improved a lot but i was interested to know what fellow renoisers would think as i cant really judge myself, my “songs” are mostly like a minute long and all fit together hopefully showing my progress from track 1 to 12.

thanks any comments would be really useful

Mike Smith - Songs


very good for a month.

cheers mate! any more comments?! you have to listen past the first 3 tracks!!


track no 12 is my fav, but its way too short :D

haha thanks ive tried to make a bit of something for everyone i used to really like music like that but with people like it alien around it makes me feel like i should step up my game. my songs are short because i usually make them in one day over a few hours.

I made it the first weeks just like you, one day, one tune, thats it.
But songs getting better when you take your time :D

I compose my tracks for weeks and usually the results aren’t so good as yours…

everyone on this forum seems really nice so thanks again.

have you got proper monitors eeter? if not that might be why.
Also renoise 2.0 is brilliant.


Either most Renoise users are experienced musicians or the Renoise really is some magic box which makes you sound good, no matter what.

second one.

ill take that as a complement though!! ;)