I threw an oldskool uk rave/acid party last week, with a friend of mine.
Check out the results!! Nothing informative, just a psyched-out botb
wanting to share these moments of nostalgia and victory with his fellow
musicians, who perhaps have some special relationship with the source
for many a dancegenre of today. Anyway!

Fivehundred glowsticks, lots of smileys and too many synthetics.
Videos and livesets online!


Boooyaaa! :w00t:

zOMG, RAEV! ptrance likes. :)

Looks like pure heaven!

Welcome to my Myspace-Friendlist ;)

Enjoyable ;)

you are all welcome on the next edition!

Haha… I am definitely no pro :) … but I would definitely be dancing my ass off to this kind of music, and trying to get as many people up there with me!

@BotB: you should keep us informed if you do another party like this. I would love to try and check it out, but I need a few months advance notice to plan any flights, hotel, etc.


coool, will do captain!!

would be awesome to greet you at the next edition, because there WILL be a next edition, we owe it to the world, the neighbours and their nostalgia.