Rayko - Dream Factor

Hello, I’m posting this a little late, but I would like to hear comments about this song, because it was my first work on Renoise. I hope you like it.

Any coment or advice you have, feel free to post it here.


Great tune Rayko. If this is you first track in Renoise you must have been making music before getting in to renoise.

A little more edge to the melody sound that sets in at 2:50 would not hurt, but I guess its more of a style thing than production.

The bass sounds fantastic on my krk monitors, any tips on producing bass sound like this? sample/vst? not the typical bum bum bass that is often used in this kind of music it got a dub feel to it I like very much.

great work.

There are nice ideas in this track. But too many ideas.

Now, it’s a matter of taste, but to me it seemed there were way too many things going on at the same time. They overlapped, all synth lines had some sort of reverb or delay applied, they mostly shared the same frequency range.

I couldn’t find a prominent part that played a lead role in the track, though many parts seemed like they were trying to. It was all like a single texture, getting more and more dense over time and, eventually, become too messy for my liking.

The last 25 seconds were a bliss though. ;)

I hope what I said didn’t come out too harsh. I just pointed out the things I didn’t like. Overall, very nice ideas, like a said in the beginning. But you may want to restrain yourself at times. :)

Please, I apreciate any comment and critic on my works, always with a point.

Answering to mongo, I didn’t made something special. I used a sample taken from MiniMoog (a very simple preset), and then I worked with the EQ10 to kill higher frequencies on the sound. I can post the .rns if you want, to see how I made it.

Now, subset, I can resume what you said in one word: repetitive. I understood your comment as that. The reason of that comes from the idea of make a classic techno song. I work with some others on a group, and we had the idea of make a techno/dance/house etc, pack of songs, with tunes from the group memebers. So I had in mind the idea of make something repetitive as many techno/house/dance music does (tell me if I have wrong concepts). With that in mind, this song came out. The main thing I really like of this work, is the lead from 2:50 for the fact that it was played live and it wasn’t made like other modules (I mean it wasn’t tracked).

Thanks for your comments.