Rbf Software Is Still Lying To The Public!

Since 1997, RBF software has been promising a version of Med Soundstudio that actually is more up-to-date than windows '95. They’ve been promising v2 since that time. Every six months they say “v2 is coming in 6 months”.

I personally don’t know why someone hasn’t sued the fuck out of RBF.

Look at all these options that have been promised for 10 years:

Isn’t that nice?

Compare that to what promised features ended up in Renoise the past six years.

replace “MED” with “XRNS” and “XM” with “MED” and you will find out why we do not support MED. Also add that MED format is closed.

replace “V2” with “V200” :)

Must admit that it died, like commodore. Only a big old name is remained.

OctaMED still remains a great tool specially regarding MIDI purposes.
A damn pity it died out anyway…

someone should sue them for the eyesore that is their webpage.

classic is one thing,…

but thats just horrid.

That was Netscape Navigator 2.0 time when we were stuffed with horrid Windows '95
At least their webpage covers their interest in further development of their product.
I consider that shameful for a commercial product. With any free product this can happen, but a commercial product which asks license fee’s that is big fat crap.

I wouldn’t put faith in that project, I suspect lack of passion all around it.

I tried this out ages ago (before Renoise obviously) OKish, but sound quality was duff.

Anyway isn’t the guy who runs it really ill or something?

Sounds like it’s just one persons passion to keep the name alive, he can’t update it ever, he gets promised support but nothing ever happens. Times have moved on and it’s way out of date. I feel kind of sorry for the whole thing.

Perhaps he should pull the plug and forget it. £14 for something less able than Modplug.


I heard Venetian Snares used it in his Rossz Csillag Alatt Született album.

u mean modplug? i guess he used it a long time ago. now he is renoise mostly. but i expect aaron still use modplug too and many other stuff like protracker may be or digibooster (he own amiga).