RCA: keiss - snow like stars

Greetings. One of my recent tracks only Renoise 2.8.1. This is the stuff I refer to WIP. Perhaps for this genre IDM / Chiptune? :huh:/>

If anyone is interested then you can download xrns: rc10_keiss_snow like stars.xrns
I would appreciate feedback. :D/>

Very nice, I think the mix sounds quite harsh though. Did you get rid of a lot of the mids?

I think the style’s really interesting.

Oh yes, this is one of my many problems today. Literally in the near future I plan to upgrade their audio device. And try to do something with this and other tracks, that they sounded a bit better than it is now. Fairweather Thank you very much for your feedback. :D

I am listening on crappy ear buds right now, so I really can’t comment on the mix, but I like the sound selection and song structure. I like most chip-tune off-shoot stuff. Build in the middle was nice, but would have liked to hear it get a bit more ape-shit crazy at 1:28. :panic: Definitely enjoyed track.

A.OMV thanks a lot!
Is grateful for taking the time to listen and leave a comment :walkman: . I appreciate that. :)