either way. that line is funny sh1t!

that’s a tough one.
i’ve heard certain effects repeated between his albums, but
maelstrom has parts from squarepushers my fcking sound.
whomever it is it may be a combination.

Great find man! :)

No wonder. :D

Music itself is pretty fun though. :)

You could pass these off as Aphex, that’s for sure… perhaps he’s just really good at what he does, and a really big rephlex fan

… I’d laugh if he used 100% software to create those

… and that being said, perhaps it’s bogdan! :o

Very seriously doubt this is RDJ. I feel he had a sort of epiphany about texture and melody while working on the Analords (see also: The Tuss) and this is too melodically simplistic and pointlessly angsty for him. Texturally it’s quite a good imitation though. I could almost see this being outtakes from drukqs but the spirit of RDJ is just not there.

if you listen to squarepushers my fucking sound an then maelstrom.

if you have a sentence fragment.

Maybe it’s Global Goon trying to sound like Aphex

Nothing more to say

(but I still really like some of these tracks)

well, I am skeptical its him too (although it does sound very similar to drukqs), but I wouldn’t say aphex had an “epiphany” with the analords. The fact is that is the sound he’s always had (catchy melodies with old synths is not a new thing for him). I also don’t understand the comparison of The Tuss to the analords. Aside from analog synths, they don’t sound much alike.

IMO, The Tuss has something very similar with the Analords, some kind of beautiful/depressive mood. I’ve always seen The Tuss as a mix between this Analord mood and the surrealist sound of Drukqs.

But as you say, “catchy melodies with old synths is not a new thing for him”. To my mind, Analord is so great because it sounds so simple after the complexity of Drukqs, so beautiful. The Analord series directly speaks to my feelings and put me in a so unique mood. In that way i’d say that it’s an “epiphany” (to be honnest i wouldn’t really say that because I didn’t really know what it means before to read this post :D).

I know what you mean, its that type of indescribable emotion that transcends the typical happy/sad major/minor bullshit of most music. But rdj has always had that going for him. I think you’re right on the analord/drukqs, although recoding wise it sounds much less analog than the analords.

As for steinvoid, I don’t know, it definitely sounds like someone wants to be a warp artist. Maelstrom sounds very similar to squarepusher (“my fucking sound” or “district line II”). Well produced no doubt (esp. if he’s really 18).

a combination i do believe.

What do you think that is?

Personally I’ve had this feeling for a while that electronic music has spent too much energy in pursuit of new sounds and not enough on detailed composition for a while and I’ve wondered if the stripped-down palette of recent RDJ stuff is an attempt to address that.