Read Ahead Point For Instruments

When I have to work with a track that has vocals I always have a problem that the vocal is starting earlier so I have to put the note a bar before in a different pattern. Due to this fact I tend to use Apple Logic Pro for this because you can mark a point of the sample where the vocal is ‘on beat’ and it shifts the start point back. I’m not even sure if it can be done in Renoise because it reads the note on the spot and then executes. There might be a way to implement a read ahead buffer that looks for these kind of mark points and calculates it back somehow. What do you guys think?

This has already been suggested.

One (simple?) idea is that you write a Tx command in the panning column (like the Dx for delay) and as soon as you write this there will be an invisible -trigger note- command being written x ticks before that point. Then also a Hx command for setting a point x rows ahead, instead of ticks.
So you still wouldn’t be able to play that note from that very point, but it could be played if the song was being played from the previous pattern or if this pattern was being looped.

Nothing spectacular, but it might contribute to a more ordered overview of the pattern.

What do you think, possible? Makes any sense?

Oh right sorry… didn’t catch that thread.

About your suggestion. Instead of putting the value there manually I think Renoise could shift the note back ‘under the hood’. Maybe even make it a different color showing it is a shifted note. So you have like C-4 on the spot and a shifted C-4 where it actually starts with a different color or something indicating that we are looking at a shifted startpoint.

OK, I think I understand what you mean. It seems like a good idea.

The whole ‘mapping’ of a sample could get more sophisticated, imho, starting from a higher precision of triggering/mapping with the 09xx command.

My idea is a more simple one, it just regards the option to use a “backward delay” command, which might be nice e.g. when you have a note starting a row or two before the start of the pattern.

Yeah, I think your method would be easier to implement. Though visually marking a point within the sample editor will get you the same precision. But then again for the developers a lot more work. I’ll wait if 1.6 has an visual arranger or something then it might easier to implement/suggest. ;)