Reaktor 5 Users Get A Load O This

To all u that uses reaktor 5 with renoise check this out B)

This is a synth i´ve been working on for quite long that uses stuff thats not very common at all
Its a work in progress but nevertheless its almost fully functionall anyway. :D

Plz have a look … u wont regret it .



Maybe you could make a few mp3 demos? I don’t use Reaktor myself but it’s always interesting to hear how these weird looking things sound. :)

Offcourse … sorry :P


greetings, is this an effects ensemble?
im guessing you may have removed the link to the ensemble or instrument you have here. cant find the dl linkage. i guess i could jsut be blind heh. from the img it seems much more a synthe seeing as your making use of partials. did you write the algorthms for the core modules yourself? does this also make use of seeds an if so what are they? i really like the concept of using midi clock timing for the seeds, but thats a discussion all in its own.

kinda hard on the eyes tho, dont you think?

thanks! nice one!