Reaktor and Renoise? Help Please!

Hi All,

Apologies for another post - but I’m getting frustrated using Reaktor as a VST in Renoise with my M-Audio Oxygen8.

What I’m finding is that any Reaktor ensemble loaded is then being triggered when using the midi keyboard on another instrument (eg - kick drum or break sample)

How can I set it that each Reaktor instance (eg - 3 or 4 different ensembles loaded) and any Renoise instruments all can be auditioned on my midi keyboard without more than one being played at any one time?

I’ve tried changing the midi channels in renoise under the Midi tab - but fear I then need to start adjusting the Reaktor ensemble routing - is there an easier way? Hope this makes sense!


The Good Dr.

This should just work how you want by default.
Without any MIDI routing, the selected instrument should be the one playing when you play your keyboard.

Can you post a screenshot of MIDI tab -> Show Routing?

Also hello fellow Brightoner