Reaktor Problems

I have a question about Renoise using with Reaktor (Reaktor Session V 1.0.4).

How can I play and stop sequences which made with Reaktor (like I would press the “Play” or the “Stop” - Button in Reaktor).

Many of the Reaktor Ensembles using Sequenced Synths, so it would be nice when you can help me.


P.S. Sorry for my bad english (I´m from germany and I don´t speak english very well) ;)

Reaktor sync was succesfully fixed in Renoise 1.28 build.
So now to play sequensed Reaktor ensembles - need to put note (of Reaktor VSTi) in channel and then press play in Renoise - Reaktor must start with Renoise simul.
And it gonna redirect Reaktor’s sequenser from exact position when you playing Renoise’z page or song from different start positions.
I hope it will work with Reaktor Session, cause i tested it only with Reaktor 4 or 3.

Thanx, that works fine, but is there an command to play or stop the sequence while Renoise is playing ???

I don’t know about such command…