Reaktor , Renoise And Klee M-185 Sequencer

Greetings everybody, my first post in the forum.
Is anyone here using REAKTOR with Renoise?
I am thinking about buying Renoise, but want to be sure R-5 runs without glitches etc…
I am on a PC, 32 bit windows-XP SP-3.
Can I record Reaktor with several instruments, FX etc?
Can Renoise record sequences and notes from external VST standalone sequencer like KLEE and M-185?
Specs here:


cheers :D
PS it is Klee and M-185

I used to use Reaktor together with Renoise quite a bit. Never had any problems, using several instances of instruments and fx works fine.

Reaktor works fine.

As for a step-sequencer, you can use it just like any other instrument, but you will probably find it useless, because Renoise handles that job perfectly on it’s own.

Thank you both for reply. I am glad that Reaktor works in RN
I am using those two sequencers to sequence stuff in Reaktor and/or standalone and record audio into Live. They are External VSTs, that don’t load as “VST” into DAW, only sequence a soft synth via ‘virtual’ midi cable like loopBe1.
I don’t know (yet) if this is possible in Renoise.
I am going through the video tutorials and I like this DAW, because of its layout and it is so different…

My apologies for posting here, just saw the beginners forum :wacko:

To say it is an external VST is an oxymoron.
VST = plugin

  • if it is external it isn’t a plugin, and therefore not VST
    Looking at the website Klee is a VST plugin host.
    A different thing.

Since (as the website suggests) you can host VST instruments within Klee, you shouldn’t have to use virtual MIDI cables to play them.
At least, I would be very surprised if you did.

You should be able to record MIDI data into Renoise from Klee or M-185 using virtual MIDI cables.

renoise and reaktor work beautifully together with Rewire. Decide on your routing and save templates and your good to go ^_^

OK, whatever, Virtual Instrument Technology, or VST, is VST(as opposed to hardware). Agree? Since Klee or M-185 can’t be ‘plugged in’ I called them “external” VSTs.
Is there a term for that type of VST? Battery is standalone and ‘.dll’ VSTI.
I found out that sequencing Battery 3 “standalone” worked much better then Battery loaded into KLee as a “vst”. The standalone needs the Virtual m. cable, vst doesn’t.
Anyway, this conversation derailed far enough

Hey, I would just call it the standalone version of a program that also has a VST (plugin) version.
Anyway, I certainly didn’t mean to come off as though you were making some huge, horrible mistake,
Just thought I’d point out what I saw in your post as a terminology problem, so that it may help you in your search for software in the future, or at least help you figure out the software you are presently using.
However, it looks like you’ve figured it out, so ,great! :)

Once again, I frequently use Reaktor with Renoise, and have used all kinds of external, standalone apps to send MIDI to Renoise, so I really think you should be fine.

Out of curiosity, can you explain why “sequencing Battery 3 “standalone” worked much better then Battery loaded into KLee as a “vst””?

I am aware of the fact that I used wrong terminology, when I gave it that name. B)
what can I do? If a VST can’t be opened in ANY DAW, because it doesn’t have a “vst” of itself, what do you call it? An Oxymoron VST?
(I gave it that name when I was trying to figure out how to use it with LIVE, because you have to open it outside of, “next” to live’s GUI…

When I got Klee and loaded “vst” of Standalone battery, the CPU was going high (10-30%) and erratic and for some reason didn’t play good. The standalone version was smooth, 1-3% CPU.
Since then, I deleted all VSTs (.dlls) of standalones from Klees’ VST folder. I don’t know if it is true for all standalone VSTs, but Battery and
Formant-Classic were better, plus it gave me more midi control over .dll version of same. Just plain VSTs work perfect.

Yes, that’s what I wanted to hear :)(but I must figure out the routing part yet)
my OP was really to find out ‘limits’ (if any) of Renoise, to see what it can-cant do, because it seems like a really nice DAW, doesn’t cost much and seems to have great support…
i didn’t anticipate “terminology lesson” on a term that was NOT at all important, only descriptive, because maybe not everybody has/knows Klee…

Using contradictory terms in a question, can make it harder to answer, so I think it is important, especially when as you say “maybe not everybody has/knows Klee…”.
Anyway, lets agree to disagree.
I hope everything works out for you, and look forward to seeing or hearing the results if you ever want to share.

how do you rewire renoise and reaktor together?

I use Reaktor as a vst inside Renoise. Don’t think that Reaktor supports rewire.

Decide on your routing”…can you, or anyone briefly explain please?

@ dform:no problem, as long as we understand what we’re talking 'bout :D


thats what i thought too, but maybe someone knew something that i didn’t.

splitter.ens + renoise= perfect!

and as far as routing goes-depednding on one’s audio card and os, they could do something like send clock out of renoise to reaktor via (insert routing program or midi cable here), then route the audio back in with soundflower or reastream or the like. or on pc maybe piz midi out as dsp to x midi port, then set up that port as the midi in on reaktor, and sending both audio signals independently into an external mixer. there is no good, “clean” way, other than open it as a vst inside of renoise

Oh shit my bad! I got reaktor mixed up with Reason. You can rewire Reason and Renoise, I think reaktor just runs as VST, nuff said.
to many programs beginning with Re if you ask me…

Reaktor works as a vst, in Renoise, Live, or any good DAW. Also, like all Native´s instruments, it works as a standalone program too.
I made little use of reaktor, but I want lo learn more. Reaktor + Renoise looks terrific.