Real side chaining: Some approach to get it within VST 2.4 (?)


if you have a compressor, let’s say on a bass drum, and take the signal by using a signal follower device before and after the compressor, you would get the compression difference if you subtract both signals… Is this right? What if you use this difference then on another track to modulate the volume?

Tried this but still have to use signal followers then:

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Here a new approach, this time using a phase inverted signal to sum the difference of the modulator vs. modulator with compressor.

This approach sounds better, but still using one signal follower. Does the signal follower always introduce a latency, even with attack/release = 0?

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You couldn’t just use the signal follower b2b the gain device on the track you want to side chain? That has served all of my side chain needs.

I’m trying to pull this off manually by editing the volume butthe effect isn’t the same.

I would like to use the character of any compressor on another track. With the second test, this is somehow possible. You can place any compressor on the first send track (instead the Renoise’s compressor). If the env follower now would introduce no latency at all, we had now just the same as like real side chaining, I guess…