real time record while in mixer view

Why not, verry easy …record into pattern when mixerview is selected …oranything else
I could really benefit from this ,and sometimes recording without any visual feedback is nice too ,think tapetrack etc…
Or is it really necesarry that the pattern follow is active while r’ecording ?

NO one ???

I like the idea.

Just a few lines of code :)
Record while in mixer view

Do you think getting told something is a small amount of code is compelling?

p.s. the pattern follows or not depending on that setting before the render.

Well It would be nice of some actual inside info was given …
Sure pattern follow is important …but I can not imagine it would be impossible to record while in a different view.
Renoise can play back songs while in mixer view , so why not record ?


At least some response from the developers would be nice …

here is your response from dev, if you bother to read the their plans

they are not adding any more to the beta, they need to finalize the release or it will never get released! and it’s not you who decides how ‘easy’ something is to do.

Dude ., hold your horses .
THe developers should get their shit sorted out , I can’t use renoise for music making when the patttern follow is on.
It’s bad coding on the graphics part .
All i am asking is an alternative workaround method so I can record while the pattern is playing…
And I think that it is not so dificult , but I might be wrong .

their shit is sorted.

your suggestion won’t make it for 3.0.

they can’t stay in beta forever!

you’ve been using renoise previously, i’m sure you can continue to do so until the next update. if not, nobody is forcing you to keep using it.

try suggesting again next time!

I recall this recording while the pattern editor is not in view has been deliberately been disabled due to the many complaints that you have no visual reminders outside the pattern editor, that record mode is on so i doubt this behavior will ever return.
It used to work like that in the past with the older versions but like the majority back then:you will not like it when you are toying with your midi keyboard and testing sounds to figure out after half an hour of toying that you meanwhile have overwritten all your pattern its current track contents because you forgot to turn off pattern edit mode.

Just like in pattern mode , draw a big red rectangle around the mixer to indicate renoise is in recording mode .
Problem solved