Real Time Record while playing

I just wonder when the synchro-record-while-playing (with those two devices descripted in the WIP) will be implemented… man I just can’t wait to use it!!! :lol:

I work in cooperation with a female voice (a singing teacher) and every time I have to record something it’s like seeing some old Charlie Chaplin BW movie… and she ends up with one of my small Cambridge Soundworks speakers up her… hmm… her ears with a low volume to have the basenote <_<

Not to mention ALL the great choirs I would record by myself… :rolleyes:
No doubt I would outrun Steeleye Span* with that… :lol:

*Steeleye Span is/was (?) a Folk group used to do “modern” covers of ancient irish and english ballades and traditional tunes. A wide number of their tunes feature that certain “middleage” impressive choirs… check it out if you’re curious…