Real-time recording timing

When I record my notes in real time the timing is never correct. I can record in Orion, Reaper and Live with no problem but not in Renoise. It’s better if I use 8 LPB but I’m only using 16th note anyway. I tried to change the option “Compensate latencies” but this don’t change anything for me. If I quantise while recording (while using a value of 1) then it’s better but some notes still land on bad beats.

Also, is there a way to record-quantise while preserving length (just like majority of DAWs)?

Thanks, sorry for my bad english.

In the past note recordings were done with inclusion of delay values which made recording pretty accurate. not quantize-wise precise but moment-precise. This included for the note-offs.
As soon as Renoise turned BPM accurate, this feature showed a lot of quirks and was forced to be removed due to its practically become useless nature.

Latency compensation works pretty crappy if your audiocard has high latencies. The quantize should option should mask these aggravations somehow but don’t do wonders either.
You can also play with the midi latency in the midi input preferences, this might influence the shifting of your keypress and release timings.
All in all, the best thing still remains having a very low latency audiocard which would make you less believe to release the keys too early.

I do like the idea of Quantize influencing the key-release moment as well.