Real Time Render

First post (hello). Is there any way to do a real-time render or could this feature be added? The Virus Ti Control plugin requires this to work properly. After messing around with latency values I can play the VC plugin “live” during playback and arps, LFOs, etc, are bang in time but any rendering leaves clicks and pops as even set to VST mode it doesn’t seem to be real time.

Also, how do I (can I?) route live audio from my Monomachine to a track in Renoise? I can’t can I? :)

Any ideas? OSX 10.4.8, Ti OS 1.2.4, G5, Renoise 1.8r5.



BTW, Renoise has puzzled me for weeks and suddenly the penny has dropped and I am creating music! I’ll wear my Renoise t-shirt with pride!!! :D

The only way you could achieve that is by using a wav-writer plugin.
There are several around even free wav VST plugins that do the job quite well.
The other side of the medal only is if your pc doesn’t pull the job all the choking and stuttering also gets recorded.

Edit:Whoops… osx… i have no idea if there are audio VST plugins on OSX that do that particular job, sorry…
You can route external audio to your Renoise track using the line-in device, but track effects won’t work on the audio stream, only the dsp / vst effects.

You should try AudioHijack for osx. Standalone program Best ting ever, for live jamming. Records audio output for any progrem and is very easy to configure. It also doesn`t use much resources and it has a fully functional demo version…

Maybe thats the thing for u?

good luck!