Really cool math generated 8bit sounds!

just poking around online and i found this video on youtube of sounds or “songs” being generated by math sequences that are coded in C (with some java). they can be compiled on a linux system with gcc, java, the proper headers, and a few other things but a few folks decided to write an online java app that will compile and play back the sequence for you with the option to download your creation! i plan edit a few of the clips and use them in some of my future music. the video and links are below along with a sample of the math used to create these neat tunes.

sample math code 1: (t>>6|t|t>>(t>>16))10+((t>>11)&7)
sample math code 2: t
(42&t>>10) or t2(21&t>>11)

math compiler: click here

blog about the code: click here

take a look at these ios apps. ;)


Glitzmachine and Bitwiz are pretty neat! too bad i dont have an iphone… or even a cell phone for that matter. lol.

This stuff has been around for a while now. The caustic ios/android app even made a synth based on bytebeat as a synthesis method.

I’ll bet it’d be doable as a lua plugin. What would be kind of neat is that you could use these tricks in two ways - 1) to generate waveforms 2) to generate notes…

This is so great, can’t understand how it flew under my radar until now! There are some excellent online tools too:

flash with wav/ogg export:

generator w. genetic algorithm mutations (youtube with link):