Really good cab impulses for metal

Today I realized I wasn’t fully satisfied with the impulses I had been using for ages (Catharsis). They’re great and all, the tone they yield is exactly what I want, except somehow it sounds slightly lower quality that what I really want. I’d been experimenting with layering impulses and whatnot and suddenly today I just decided, you know, I could probably just find better impulses if I looked.

So I found these:

Only $5 so I just put the money down to try them. And they are fantastic. 10/10, amazingly good. It comes with 4 impulses (and strangely, 4 kick samples) and they each have a different quality to them. The first one is the best one, sounds balanced, and the others are like variations of it. One them sounds super scooped, for example. Anyways just the one impulse is by far worth the $5 I spent, and so if you’re looking for some good impulses for metal guitar you can’t really go wrong with these.