Realtime Usage: Renoise Do Not Support Keyb Controller Pitchbend &


I wonder if Renoise is supporting usage of Keyboard controllers pitchbend and modulation wheel and other subcontrollers as per-instrument basis.

Why is it important; real hardware synth in always-available - therefore you can put your idea the moment it appears. Very Important for the artist that develops ideas and compositions.

Therefore, plug in controler and play renoise instrument in realtime, tweak it, pitch bend it to hell and back, modulate it and if you want record it all with simple press of esc. Is that possible?

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Not possible with native renoise instruments but you can use pitchbend and modulation with vst instruments.

Realtime this isn’t supported for internal instruments.

If you desperately need something for one or two instruments, you could try this tool which you can control at least the pitch of an internal instrument, but do know that this is not running realtime but in the UI thread (also see the link in the top of that topic). So far i could do decent handling of pitching a few instruments, but i have a reasonably fast pc with a quadcore cpu.

I suspect the mod wheel and pitch wheel to turn applicable to internal instruments in one of the future major updates of Renoise. That’s also the reason why i write those lousy tools:to be able to ditch them again as soon as stuff is embedded natively.

I thought it would insert 0Ds and 0Us… hopefully soon :)

Useless (In regards of controlability) and even more imprecise that what it already does with the pitch values.

We could agree that, if we consider serious tool for expression of your idea and design…it MUST be realtime…proper realtime and recorded as-your-idea-flows. All parameters and editing techniques,must be affecting playback of the instrument in realtime.(you tried to do realtime sample editing techniques while the sample plays back? Try it.Set loop points/change them/cut paste/insert sample.This is really for separate topic to address this one)

Inspiration cannot wait for rendering or scipting to do what should be done with RT core.

In my opinion scripting things are good for changing parameters, making GUI etc…; I really did not do benchmarks but I doubt any scripting can be processed fast enough for giving close-to realtime response.Maybe only simple things.

Hence the need to prioritize-transfer all realtime priorities to the RT core of the software.

Hence all the efforts to have RTLinux, JACK , ASIO etc etc…

Same goes for software you are using to transfer your (music) idea from your head to reality.

If dev is reading this,I offer you- I sign Non disclosure, you share source code and I will implement it for free.

In some way i agree, but in some way i also don’t. How realtime and sample precise is an acoustic instrument player?
For those needing very sample precise tight timings, yes it must be realtime. But if you just want to add some kind of humanized flow to it, no there is no must in that case :) But the choice for either demand is personal for everyone. for the latter, there is an idea at hand. For the former, we need a native solution.

I excuse my sudden flow of ideas for the software , and there is a need to introduce myself.I will do it in the appropriate area of board.

Humanize vs. computerize: I understand; just enough to say that I finished musical school guitar 6 years, piano+drums 2 years, later played in bands , and got sick of playing in a bands. (A life is too short to waste it) I needed fast way to develop ideas.Therefore, as my life is short, I was pleased to buy so advanced tracker as renoise - I was tracking since c64 as I am a c64, Amiga, etc. ‘scene’ child. Now that I am getting my hands on Renoise I really see what is necessary for humanized workflow. Just to get the idea from your head to machine, arange it, build on it. That’s that.

My critique is always for constructive improvement, not for making somebody feel bad. I think we all really love Renoise!

I think you got me all wrong, I meant renoise native and not your tool of course.
See I got one midi controller, and it don’t got no wheels. So I was thinking all the time that I missed sth but not really, nice to know that pitchbend doesn’t do shit with your samples in renoise :D (so I’m not missing anything… I’ll buy a mic or anything next but not another controller, yet)