Reaper as Rewire Slave


i´m a bit lost here, looked up a couple of existing topics and youtube tutorials, but can´t really figure out if using rewire would work as i imagine.
renoise is my first and only daw, never used a piano roll before, so i thought i give it a try and choose reaper for that. because arranging pianos can be tough in renoise ;)/>

the idea was arranging midi notes in reaper, sending those per rewire to renoise triggering the instrument running there. renoise is supposed to be the master running the instruments, reaper as a slave is only supposed to send notes. it´s supposed to work like that right?

so, i fire up the rewire input in renoise and choose reaper, reaper then starts up. in renoise midi out settings i choose “rewire reaper”. i start up my piano vst in renoise and play notes. in the renoise midi settings i can see the notes beeing sent out to reaper per rewire. in reaper i see the incoming midi signals. it doesn´t work the other way around though. in renoise my midi in settings are limited to my external audio interface. i tried using that as a midi transporter but couldn´t get it working. i´d imagine i need midi/rewire input in renoise to receive reaper midi data.

what am i missing here?

thx a lot for any input :)/>


ok, got it working following this topic. apparently the problem really is the missing midi input.

so in case anyone else is trying to figure this out, use loopbe or any other virtual midi cable to enable midi input in renoise.