Reaper Jesonic Plugs

Been playing with reaper lately and especially their own plugs based on jesusonic scripting .
Their are some reaaly good sounding filters in their library , especially the ones coder by 'loser ’ I was wondering is this scripting language capable of realtime dsp processing or do they code the dsp part in c or c++ and use the js scripting language as a front end ?

Surely the best place to ask is on the Reaper forums, or to contact the Reaper team directly?

yeah , but I don’t feel like registering on their site just to ask 1 question , an d maybe I thought some of my fellow renoisers have the answer

Fair enough.

Checking the JS Programming Reference, it says that “JS is a scripting language which is compiled on the fly”. This means that the script is interpreted and then compiled into a more efficient form (bytecode) using just-in-time compilation. So you probably don’t have to write any low level code yourself. Bytecode won’t run as fast as natively compiled c/c++, but it can still be pretty damn fast.

But as I said, you’re likely to get a much more accurate and technical answer from the Reaper guys themselves. I’ve never actually tried JS myself, so I’m just speculating.

thanks , it’s just that some of the filters written with js sound really good ,and I just wanted to know how they achhieved that without any low level programming .