Reaper Not Vs Renoise

Ok so this is not really a vs thread… but I’m interested in what Reaper handles better than Renoise? It seems a lot of people wires up Reaper with Renoise or vice versa and I’m just interested in hearing what Reaper can offer a Renoise user? I can’t see myself giving up Renoise any time soon…


multitrack recording?

I’ve only tried it once in demo mode but I believe there is some form of scripting support for making synthes or DSP. I believe Bantai, started a thread about this not to long ago.
Probably Audio Tracks, would be the biggest seller for a Renoise user.

oops not synthes, but scripting for dsp effects.
I just read the wikipedia entry and Cockos have some surprisingly forward thinking features.

I remembered wrong, it was this thread:

these plugins look very nice.

With reaper you can spent hours and hours just to see how you can make things get in sync.

You can sync video’s to your sequenced music?

I use them both, often together via MIDI or ReWire sync. They’re both superb. They’re both highly customizable (particularly with keyboard shortcuts) and allow for smooth workflow.

The biggest differences are pretty straight forward: Reaper is good for multitrack recording, Renoise is good for sequencing of beat/melody/etc. But yes, Reaper does also support user-written DSPs in “JS” (AKA “Jesusonic”) and basic video syncing.

As mentioned above, Reaper is great for multitrack recording. You can record long sections of audio easily which Renoise cant do yet. I also like the ability to use folder tracks, for example to you can have one drum folder track containing kick track, snare track etc, and then adjust the volume and add effects for the whole drum section directly. Reaper also allows more flexible routing, for example its quite easy to add hardware effects into the effect chain.

Renoise gives great detailed control over sequencing.

And most important for some - midi routing
and powerful, highly tweakable pitchshifting/Timestreching

Edit: Pianoroll :)

I use Reaper for one killer feature: the ability to create perfect, cross-fade loops with any sample. Ideally Renoise would have crossfade looping built-in, but until it does, exporting a sample to Reaper, using its editing and crossfading functionality to create a perfectly-looping sample, and then importing back into Renoise works very well.