Rearrange Eq Bands By Frequency

Just a simple idea. I think it would be cool if you could make the bands on the eqs arrange themselves by frequency (maybe even by gain or q). When I come back to make changes I find it tricky to find the right band because they are usually in a random order.

This is hardly a big problem, but I think it would be a nice way of dealing with it :)

If I got what you described, rearranging the frequency would require the automation/commands to be changed accordingly. mine is simply a remainder.

I’m not sure that it would. All I’m proposing is the bands being ordered in a purely visual sense. For example, if the second band (second slider) is 5000hz and the third is 1000hz, then rearranging them in reverse order would not actually change anything other than the way they are ordered on screen. Hmmm, this is surprisingly difficult to explain :D

edit: I suppose that the automation would be need to be changed if it is tied to particular sliders. I’m not sure exactly how it works.

  • 1 for the ability to change the order of all fx (internal and VST)
  • 1 for the ability to remember that order across all instances and between songs (I realize that this is kinda offtopic though, sorry hehe)
  • 1 for “collapse all/expand all/truncate expanded view by one/expand expanded view by 1” in the fx parameter list of the automation panel, instead of just “collapse all/expand all” as it is right now.

this way you can sort the fx from most often automated to rarely/never automated…

re:topic: what happens if the frequency is automated?