Reason Fx For Renoise

A friend of mine makes trance/hardcore music with Reason.
The melodies sounds the same as in renoise
but i was stunned of what he could do with bassdrums because there are certain effects units in it you can do amazing things with.

like that scream distortion unit and some others… pfff i wish there was VST versions of it :angry:

also the compressor of it and other effects has alot of clarity sounds really great.

i hope they will release VST versions of it 1 day :yeah:

maybe renoise will support rewire in the future

I’ve tested some things out, and you shouldn’t have ‘Reason-envy’ !

Microtonic is a VSTi which is like Reason’s “ReDrum” (and rebirth), it was made by Magnus, the guy who created it orginally for Rebirth and Reason. It works in Renoise.

well if anyone can find a good distortion app like scream in reason that would be great :D

I mean the NN-29 app doesn’t work that well. It’s almost pointless since Renoise can load .WAV samples up internally.

Scream? there’s got to be something that can do that.

The “Trash” plugin from Izotope is one damn fine distortion unit.
“Guitar Rig” from Native Instruments also good although cpu hungry.
“Quadrafuzz” also great, oldie but goldie. that audio destructor also sounds nice :) just tested the demo on bassdrum :D :blink: woot