Reason Sounds In Renoise

In Ptrance’s “cry of the chased” it says…

so errrr how do you go about getting reason samples into renoise.

cheers in advance,


Well… I see at least three possibilities:

  1. He ripped the samples to .wav/.aiff, using the pirate tool “Refill Unpacker” and then imported those samples to Renoise

  2. He slaved Reason to Renoise, using a virtual MIDI loopback device such as LoopBE1 or MIDI Yoke

  3. He sampled the Reason sounds manually, using either Reason’s feature “Export to audio…” or even recording them in an old-fashioned way (start Soundforge or other recording software, hit record and play on the MIDI keyboard, then trim the samples and save as .wav).

cheers i found the refill unpacker on torrent and it worked a treat (y)