Reassigning Note/Virtual Keyboard Keys?

Not new to the forum, but I sort of forgot my logon information. I don’t think there is a way to do this, but it would be awesome if I was wrong. I would like to make my own key mappings for the note-entry keys. I realize that they are set up like piano keys, and I get that it’s the conventional way to track, but I would prefer to customize things a bit all the same. I dislike the standard piano-keyboard layout, and would prefer serial half-steps all the way up. It occurs to me that this may be possible to do, especially with all the new LUA stuff, but I have yet to familiarize myself with the API.

Is this possible? Am I crazy? Thanks.

Yes that is possible,
You create a GUI and then tell the GUI that all intercepted keys from the keyboard have to be compared to a table of values that are linked to playing specific notes.
You are then able to design your PC keyboard almost any way you like (there are some limitations with the right side modifier keys)

And yes you are crazy :P
Why doing an ackward job like that when you clearly need this instead:

the haken continuum is really cool. even though he did not get a lot of love around these parts, Amon Tobin used the instrument extensively on his new album. there are videos in the related CDM article, really, really expensive cool.

It costs just a fraction of your complete life’s income…

I thought two grand, I’ve seen worse, then realised that is just the stand without even the keyboard/controller to go with it :o

Not as cool as the Eigenharp though! (Know somebody who actually plays one of the big Alphas in a band - actually there he is with it in the demo video I’m posting.)

i’m interested in what you come up with since i’ve been wanting this too. i’ll never get used to the strange c-major layout of a keyboard since guitar is what i started out with.

are you going for a zig-zag type of layout (z, s, x, d, c, f, v, g, b, h etc.) or row for row?

this isn’t that important for me these days though since i bought one of these below but sometimes i’m on my laptop.


the haaken thing is really cool!

If we could turn off the QWERTY keyboard note entry feature of Renoise we could use another program (like Bidule) to set up the way the keyboard functions.
With Bidule you can assign whatever notes or commands you want to your keys and send them in to Renoise via virtual MIDI.
Also, Bidule can be in the background and does not need focus, so the end result would be like remapping.
Would be nice if notes could be custom assigned to keys in the Preference info of Renoise though.

If you’re on a PC: Autohotkey
It’d be a really simple script like
v: :D thats colon and d next to each other, not a smiley
etc etc

ps you can make these key changes occur in renoise only with:
#ifwinactive Renoise
that way it wont bother other stuff youre running.

AHK is a must with renoise. Make any key any other key or series of keys and combinations thereof. Clean too. Bidule is dirty. like really dirty. seems the chip and fx plugs are where plogues strongpoints focus on those too tho=$$$