Receiving two sound inputs over network using zita-njbridge

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to set a single laptop to receive two different inputs over network from two other computers. So, there are two sender computers and one receiver. I’m trying to use zita-njbridge.

On sender computers I run

sender1 $ zita-j2n --chan 1 5000
sender2 $ zita-j2n --chan 1 5001

And on receiver computer I try to run

receiver $ zita-n2j --chan 1 5000 --buff 65
receiver $ zita-n2j --chan 1 5001 --buff 65

And the second zita-n2j comand gives an error
“Address already in use”

I thought having two different port numbers for different senders would allow me to run zita-n2j twice on the same computer, but apparently I was wrong. Is there any possibility to do so?

I can also accept zita-njbridge alternatives as an answer. All I want to do is to receive two (or more) sources over network on a single computer and then mix them.

Just in case, someone else would be interested, my problem is solved. For some reason my UDP port 5001 was busy. Changing port number resolved the issue.