Rechecking A Problem Plugin


I noticed on launching Renoise 1.9.1 on my newly built DAW today that Vaz Modular Effect dll was flagged up as a problem.

There were some accompanying instructions on how to try and scan it again - but I missed the details.

Can someone help ?


edit => preferences => misc => vst => rescan previously failed plugs


I’ve tried that but nothing happened.

I’m sure it said something about a file that needs editing in order for the plugin to be rescanned … ?


then delete this file:

c:\ documents and settings \ your username \ application data \ renoise \ v 1.9.1 \ CachedFailedVsts.xml

That’s the fella - cheers !

Actually it also listed the GVI nfx and Korg Midifilter/mixer 1/ mixer 2 / mixer 3 dlls !

However, after deleting the .xml file and re-running Renoise, there was no error and the plugins seemed to load OK.

This is interesting to me because I also had my suspicion about the Vaz plugin(s) and some of the Korg plugins for Cubase SX 2.

During this rebuild of my DAW, Cubase is the first host I install.

During the first few runs of Cubase it “poofs” and disappears during startup - and I noticed it was as it was scanning the Vaz plugins.

I have also experienced similar problems I think related to Korg plugins, because renaming all the Korg plugins to .old files allows Cubase to launch.

However, re-enabling them all one by one still results in Cubase launching OK.

Weird …