Recommend Me A Guitar Vsti

I’d like to have some other kinds of guitar variations (clean, distorted, power chords) to complement or completely replace my old samples and JV-1010 guitars. I’m searching for a useful guitar VSTi softsynth plugin to fulfill that role. Please recommend me something, either free or commercial.

freeware: custoMade guitar = SHIT


Dashsignature’s ‘the abstract guitar’ looks like shit, sounds more like a synth then a guitar, but offcourse all these emulations sound nothing like a real guitar (imo).

Refx slayer2 , I like this one for the effect section, some of the electric guitar simulations sound alright.

Musiclabs realguitar is one of the most realistic sounding emulations I’ve tried, but they were only acoustic models. I’d suggest this one.

I think Tassman also has some good plucked guitar presets.

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist

Havent used it myself but seems to be ok, you can check it out

forget Virtual Guitarist, really… it’s just a bunch of looped rhythm samples…

jonas is right: Slayer 2 is good a lead guitar, RealGuitar is great as acoustic guitar.

the best amplification emulator is probably the costy Native Instruments Guitar Rig

realguitar all the way for me:

as for amps, try freeamp, it rocks.

just a note regarding RealGuitar: I strongly suggest you to read its manual accurately: RG is not a “plug-and-play” plugin, and it needs quite a lot of work to achieve good realism, expecially for solo usage. However, it offers lots of features (mainly key switches) to give you the ultimate “real” thing.

RG + MidiCCDevice == da k0r3 guitar

Yes, RealGuitar has a lot of (hidden) options: palm mute, up strum etc. They are working on an electric version, RealStrat (-ocaster I guess). Though it’s another one of those sample based VSTs; this can put a lot of strain on your PC if you have more of those open (like BFD). Slayer is nice but heavily lacks in the lower registers.

you may also want to try some sinus tone played though an amp.

i was just going to recommend freeamp 2 myself - it’s a CPU hog but it sounds great. i generally run the strat on the free version of sampletank2 through freeamp and i’ve gotten some pretty damn pleasing results with it. also, DVS guitar has it’s uses, though again, it really benefits from being run through freeamp 2. B)