Recommend Me A Handheld Tv

Don’t wanna miss those world cup games, as all of them will be in the afternoon, and therefore I’ll be at work.

What are the best handheld tiny tv’s?

Isn’t the Sony PSP able to view television with some kind of add on? That would be a cool idea.

eye don´t need tv

sony psp uhn? Hmmm…

gonna look into it. thx! ;)

man i would bet theres a pal reciever card for that thing, i dont know nothing about it really like what type of card format it accepts but that probably would be the best way.

oh yeah, an old dealer of mine had one of those treo 650’s an i remember him talkng about being able to watch live tv sports over the inet, since it has wifi, but i think it might also have that newer protocol for cellphones that make them *like highspeed.
if anything maybe another possible option. ;)

If you have internet at work maybe you can watch them online, on those chinese channels for example.

link? ;)

I mean p2pTV. There are (mostly or only) chinese channels that are being streamed via a p2p protocol. Often used for league matches… AFAIK it’s still legal, too.

You need a program to watch these channels. There are a lot of them, I tried PPlive, TVants, TVkoo. These are ok.
Then you need to find the right channel inside the program or a link somewhere on the net for a specific match or a TV schedule so you know on which channel the game is playing.

Two more links: 1, 2.