Recommend Me An External Souncard, Please!

hey was happening? Tho I read every music mag my money can buy + read the occasional soundcard thread & what not, i have a hard time deciding what would be the best external soundcard choice for my computer. I want to spend like 200 euro’s, multiple outs/ins are not that important, a stereo in & out ere fine. Most important thing for me is low latency asio drivers for all the vsti I use + the soundquality should be good off course.

I’ve seen Behringer poop out a firewire card, looks interesting…does anybody here experience with that soundcard? How is the latency?

basically, any suggestions, experiences etc would help



since im using this and thinks it sound great.
M-Audio Audiophile USB…

but if i had to pick a card at this time… i would go for the
M-Audio FireWire Solo

multible outs/ins
mic amp…

for your future needs…


There is no real junk out there if you buy a soundcard by your local music shop.
With your wishes you can easily choose something.
but you have to keep in mind, that your demands will grow during the use of the soundcard. so it should be better to buy something that matches your wishes you have right now, but also some things you like on a longer term so you can stay happy with your new hardware longer.

for instance, If you plan to have a masterkeyboard also,
you may spare yourself a few bucks and go for an M-audio Ozone,
or maybe an X-station if you want also a hardware synth.
but that last one is more than 200 bucks.

maybe also a good tip is to look for second hand gear.

note: A friend of mine has a BCA2000 from behringer.
cool stuff but the drivers are a bit weird, maybe those of the newer products are good but, that wasn’t the case a year ago.

I’m very satisfied with M-Audio Firewire Solo, but I guess the USB-variant works just as well. :)

Firewire IS faster than USB, tho… And AFAIK the Audiophile us only USB 1.1 compliant. Dunno if this has any REAL effect tho, as you only need that huge speed for multiple HQ audiorecordings. Which you, Jonas, say you don’t need.

thnx for the recommendations. With the eye on the future, I’ll prolly be best off with an usb or firewire external soundcard, since I’m getting a new laptop at the end of this summer. Would be nice to have a soundcard that I could swap, instead of being stuck with a pci card for just the desktop.



You should also check compability with Mac, in case you go nuts and switch. :P

(or want to sell it later, bigger audience!)